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Field Trip - Independent Living Centre

On Thursday the 3rdof May 2018, the Flex Care Team spent the afternoon touring South Australia’s Independent Living Centre (ILC) at Gilles Plains as part of our commitment to continual professional development as practicing allied health professionals, but also to refresh our knowledge base on the wide world of assistive technology which is becoming more and more accessible to people living with varying levels of disability.

“Assistive technology is any device, system or design, that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increase the ease and safety with which a task can be performed” - ILC Australia

Rediscovering the ILC in my fourth year of practising Occupational Therapy was an extremely valuable experience. Having visited on multiple occasions as a student OT throughout completion of my university degree, it was very exciting to discover the rate at which basic assistive technologies are being developed and implemented on a global scale. There was a keen focus from our clinicians on pressure care and bedding, small kitchen aids and appliances, and seating and mobility equipment given our extensive work in the aged care sector.

The various ILC’s located nation-wide provide a safe location in which you are able to select and trial a vast range of assistive technologies under the guidance and counsel of an allied health professional. For information or queries regarding Independent Living Centre’s across Australia, please visit their national website at

If you believe assistive technology could support you or someone you know enhance independence, engage in daily tasks, or improve quality of life, we would highly encourage visiting your nearest ILC. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Flex Care to discuss your needs or concerns, it would be our pleasure to assist you or your family.

Follow the link below for information about South Australia's ILC at Gilles Pains:

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