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Full House at 480 - Bene Padre Pio Clients love the HUR Gym

One of the highlights of my working week is the chance to use the amazing gym equipment on offer at the Padre Pio Centre. It's not just me who loves the gym, all our Community Client's love it.

The gym is fully customisable for different body types and sizes, and was hand selected based upon the exercises needed to help keep our clients fit and firing. From legs to arms and everything in between, the HUR gym equipment, under the supervised guidance of Flex Care is helping our clients achieve their goals.

More than just a way of staying healthy and mobile, our clients love the social aspect of group classes and the sense of fun and enjoyment it brings.

Full House at 480 - No spare seats

Currently, we are providing group exercise classes, musculoskeletal assessment and one to one therapy at the Padre Pio Centre three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

If you know someone who would benefit from attending our sessions, please contact us and we'll be sure to get in touch.

Emerson Ciccarello

Community Manager | Physiotherapist

0402 265 635

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